What do we do?

The first step of the Homestyling is defining your “identity”. It is shaped by your past, your aspirations, your character, your taste, and emotions. Through a warm conversation, we will discover these points above as we have done through our years-long activity history.Next, we will blend what we learnt about you with our deep styling expertise to create your next living space. We use many tricks to maximise the efficiency of styling with the optimum effort, where we apply our knowledge into action. For example; when hanging a painting, the center has to be from 165cm from the floor.In th execution stage we are capable of providing a complete service tailored to your needs.

Personal Shopping

Let us be your personal shopping assistant and receive our expert support.We can advise you through all the processes including the purchase from stores or custom-made furnitures. We can guide you on everything from textiles to lighting and art pieces.

Why us?

Make spaces more functional and appealing!

Save time and money

Avoid wasting time in infinite number of stores and avoid spending excess for home decoration.

Combine the latest trends with your taste

We apply our unique experience with your own taste to create your favourite space.

Create an “admirable” home

We maximise the efficiency of the space; not only with our modern trend knowledge and experience but also with our smart solutions that make spaces more functional and appealing.

Make your home consistent

Our homes must have a clear identity that can be instantly recognised from any part of it.

Our work

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